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De sus Medallas, nació la nuestra
Even though everyone loves Puerto Rico’s national beer, very few people knew its name and history are an ode to the triumphs of the Puerto Rican delegation of the ‘79 Pan American Games. To mark it’s 40th anniversary, Medalla Light decided to finally tell this story of celebration.
L'ORéal paris
El Comeback
Conquering the Universe, making it abroad and being a mom wasn’t enough for Dayanara Torres, who came back after a break from the public life and found a way to win a country’s heart yet again. L’Oréal Paris ELVIVE knows everyone loves a good comeback story and, with this campaign, tells Puerto Rico’s favorite one.
Todo es posible en Navidad
We all want our Christmas to be perfect, but when things happen, we got better stories to tell. For this season, Walmart decided to illustrate that “everything is possible in Christmas”, everything indeed.
Medalla light
Diseños que nos inspiran
Medalla Light is a love brand that has become part of Puerto Rico’s popular culture. To celebrate our traditions and heritage, we worked with Puerto Rican artist Alexis Díaz and reinterpreted cultural icons to create four limited edition cans that turned every beer into a piece of art.
Comparte intensamente
Traditional mobile carriers highlight their network’s benefits. T-Mobile is everything but traditional. So how did we tell everyone about our new 600MHz signal?Highlighting the only downside to our improved coverage: oversharing.
Kiosko Humana
For Humana, giving awesome benefits to their members is priority. But what happens when you mix these benefits with great music and comedians of the Puerto Rican popular culture? Obviously, our members will have less worries, more fun, and live as they always wanted while enjoying the benefits Humana has for them.
Sportage 2020
Rita is a rather peculiar character since she’s a disciple and preacher of the new Kia Sportage 2020. She’s a woman who gets excited about this SUV like a child gets excited on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. Her good sense of humor, great knowledge, and dorky personality characterize her.
Medalla Light
Approaching its launch across the Caribbean and the US, Medalla Light turned to music, one of Puerto Rico's main exports, and got the world dancing to the Island's unique taste with Pedro Capó's Grammy Award Winning Song.
Medalla Light
Medalla Black Friday 2018
Every holiday season, consumers hurry to stores in a frenzy to get the best deals. Beer had never enjoyed this sought-after status. Until Medalla Light hosted its first Black Friday sale ever.